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Pricing & Appointments


For most piercings, our service fee per piercing is $30, plus the cost of the jewelry. Please call ahead if you are unsure of how our pricing works!

For more information on Inclusive vs. Exclusive Piercings click HERE.

Please keep in mind that the service fees do not include the cost of the jewelry. Every piece in our showroom is individually priced based on the setting and stone combination.

Whether it's for a matured piercing, or a brand new one, we guarantee you'll find something that you love or we can custom order it for you!

Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis. Keep in mind that clients with appointments get to skip the wait!


Please note that proper identification is required for every client at every visit!

Anyone under the age of 18 is considered to be a minor, and therefore a parent or guardian must be present. On the presented documents, the state requires that the last names of both the guardian and minor match, or show valid documentation proving otherwise.

Click Here to see what piercings minors can get.

According to state law, the following forms of identification are acceptable for minors and adults:

State Issued ID/Driver's License

Passport/Government Issued Photo ID

Birth Certificate/School ID

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We have Cleveland's largest selection of Fine Body Jewelry. If you think you may need more time to pick out your new jewelry, you can call ahead or add additional time to your appointment when booking online!]

At Advent, we carry only the highest quality materials our industry has to offer. All of which are hand crafted and polished to a mirror finish, by someone making a livable wage, right here in the good ol' USA!


Return Policy

Under no circumstances do we accept jewelry that has been previously worn. Even when worn in healed piercings, this type of cross contamination still makes the jewelry non-returnable. However, if you placed a custom order with us and it's not to your liking out of the box, we will be more than happy to arrange a return for you! 

Credit Card Policy

We accept all major credit cards and cash!
We do not accept checks.

Any and all information that is voluntarily given by clients is 100% confidential and securely stored on PCI DSS compliant software.