White Gold

What Makes the Gold White?

Naturally, gold is reddish-yellow in color. In order to get the silver-white color that is so popular, it is mixed with other types of metals. Most manufacturers alloy their gold with metals that most people have sensitivities to, such as nickel and cadmium, since they are cheap to use and produce. Our manufacturers only use the biocompatible elements palladium and platinum to achieve the silver-white tone to their gold.

Typically, white gold is comprised of 58.3-75% fine gold and 25-41.7% palladium or platinum to "bleach" the yellow color out of the gold. Gold, in its purest form (24 karat), is too soft and is susceptible to damage from internal and daily wear. Both platinum and palladium are more durable than gold and they provide a body safe alternative to lesser quality alloys, such as nickel and cadmium. By using 18 karat and 14 karat gold, you have piece of mind in knowing you can wear something beautiful, without worrying about damaging it. 

How is Rhodium Plating Different from Gold Plating?

Rhodium is one of the most rare and is currently the most expensive precious metal in the world. It is naturally silver-white in color and extremely reflective while still resistant to corrosion. In comparison to other precious metals, it is much less malleable, so when used as plating for gold it improves the overall durability while enhancing the finer details of the piece. Traditionally, white gold plated with white rhodium has been a popular way to make wedding rings really shine.

Our collection features black rhodium plating rather than white rhodium to give the jewelry an extremely dark, but still highly lustrous finish. The only difference between white and black rhodium plating, is the amount of time that the jewelry is exposed to an electrically charged plating solution. When used in the application of body piercing, plating with rhodium is safe since it is a biocompatible element and always limited to the decorative end.


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