Piercing Minors

Due to state law, as well as the moral and ethical responsibility that comes with piercing a minor, there are certain piercings that we will not do. These include surface anchors (dermals), surface piercings, tongue piercings, genital piercings, and nipple piercings. For all other piercings, we recommend to call us for an over-the-phone consultation so we can go over our age requirements, as well as identification requirements. Click Here to read about our identification requirements.

Inclusive vs. Exclusive Piercings

Inclusive Service Fees include ONE (1) piercing. Though we guarantee you will leave satisfied with the aesthetic, quality, and placement of your piercing, we cannot guarantee the longevity of the piercing. It’s up to you to take care of it! Situations may include, but aren't limited to: wrestling an alligator, swimming in radioactive lakes, rolling in a pig pen, sleeping on your new piercing, etc. All of these can seriously damage your new piercing, and should be avoided. Want some piercing “insurance”? Keep reading below!

Exclusive Service Fees include ONE (1) piercing, FREE jewelry changes for the lifetime of said piercing, plus up to TWO (2) additional replacements of your piercing before paying any additional fees, if need be. The Exclusive Fee will totes cover you in instances including but not limited to, "your daily routine". Such as violent beauty sleep, wrestling a hair comb, your kid nephews round house kick. You get the point, life happens! IF you mess up your new piercing, we gotcha covered. This is like insurance for your piercing! 


Why Do I Have to Pay a Service Fee?

With having so many different styles and materials for body jewelry, we unfortunately do not offer "one price fits all" piercings. Our prices break down to the service fee, plus the cost of the jewelry. Through continued education, research, and development we have spared no expense in bringing our clients the most aseptic and safe procedures possible. All materials used throughout the duration of the procedure are considered medical grade that includes, but is not limited to: sterile drapes, sterile gloves, sterile iodine swabs, and IV grade sterile saline. Additionally, all of the jewelry and any tools that are used for the procedure are sterilized on the spot in a Statim, which is the same machine used to sterilize dental tools and certain medical equipment. Taking all of this into consideration, the service fee for initial piercings covers the cost of the materials required for the procedure, as well as contributing to the continued education of our piercers.


Will Getting an Initial Piercing Hurt?

More than likely the worst pain a client will feel is a slight pinch and some pressure. It can be uncomfortable, but is by no means torturous! Many people say that the worst part about being pierced is how tight and painful the clamps were on their skin. Since we are a single use, fully disposable studio, this means we do not use clamps, ever! If any tools are used during your procedure, they are sterilized on the spot and only ever used on you, along with your jewelry.


Can I Bring My Own Jewelry for an Initial Piercing?

According to state law, we must keep information on file in reference to the exact materials the jewelry is made from when used in an initial piercing. These are referred to as mill certificates that prove the materials meet ASTM qualifications for implant-grade materials. We do not carry "surgical steel" jewelry, since it is not an implant grade material. The jewelry used in initial piercings is also required to be internally threaded or threadless. Unless you can verify that your jewelry meets these standards, we unfortunately cannot pierce clients with any jewelry except our own.

I’m not sure what I want to get, do you have a portfolio or reference pictures?

Absolutely! Check out our Instagram page, Facebook page, or our brand new Tumblr page for some piercing inspiration! You can also book an appointment HERE for a “Jewelry Consultation” and we can chat about it in person and find something that suits your exact aesthetic and anatomy.


What are Curated Piercings? Are They the Same as "Constellation Piercings"?

Curated Ear Piercing

Everyone's lifestyle, aesthetic, and anatomy are unique to the individual. Your piercings should be to! A curated collection of piercings is planned out ahead of time in regard to placement, material, style of closure, and every customizable option including color. This gives clients the advantage to have a completely unified collection of jewelry, while effectively showcasing their beauty. Certain jewelry styles may interfere with each other when placed too close together, making it important to talk to your piercer about any plans or ideas you may have to achieve your ideal image. 

Constellation Piercing

A curated assortment of piercings is typically more complex and takes longer to complete than what is loosely referred to as a "constellation piercing". This refers to a group of 3-4 piercings all done at the same time and arranged in a shape that resembles a constellation, typically on the ear lobes or the flat of the helix. Not everyone has suitable anatomy for this type of piercing, so be sure to explore all options with your piercer.